Lindsey Genealogy

Our branch of the Lindsey family appear to have originated in Lincolnshire, working as farmers or blacksmiths. Our earliest references (so far) are to the village of Great Carlton, where Charles Lindsey was born in about 1635. Great Carlton is in that part of Lincolnshire which is known as "Lindsey" - it would be nice to think that there is a definite link, though we have no clear information to show this.
Apart from our line, this tree also includes Wright Lindsey, born in 1839 at Strubby, Lincolnshire, who emigrated to New Zealand and died at Pukekohe in 1917.

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We've collected some old photographs of the Lindsey and Ormondroyd families on this page.

In our researches, we have found reference to other Lindseys in nearby parts of Lincolnshire. One family was in Wildmore Fen, near Bolingbroke (the father, John Lindsey, was born about 1814). Another group start with Edward Lindsey, probably born in Bourne, Lincolnshire around 1736. Several members of this tree lived in Scredington, including Isaac Lindsey (b. 1816) who emigrated to the USA and died in Louisiana. It is likely that these lines and ours are linked at some stage, but we've not yet been able to find such a link.

You can find references to all the Lindseys (and relatives) in our database in the main Wallwork family tree pages, but these do not show as much detail about individuals as in the "Descendants of" pages.

Other Lindsey Information