Lindsey family photographs

These are a few old photographs of the Lindsey family, and also a few of the Ormondroyd family

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Frederic Lindsey

Frederic Lindsey (yes, that is the correct spelling of his name).

We also have this photograph, which may be Frederic when he was younger, but we are not certain. What do you think? The information on the back of this photograph ("A Tippins, Photographic Artist, Jermyn Street, Sleaford") certainly ties in with Frederic; he lived at Heckington, near Sleaford in Lincolnshire, until he was between 40 and 50 years old.

Betsy Miller

Betsy Miller

You can see the wonderfully ornate reverse side of the photograph of Betsy Miller here

Lindsey family, 8th Feb, 1916

Frederic and Betsy Lindsey, photographed with their family on 8th February 1916

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Back: Victor Frederic, John Eric, Trevor Charles, Gertrude
Front: Edith, Amy Grace, Frederic, Betsy, Nellie Miriam
(photographer C. Rennison, 1066 Leeds Road, Bradford)

We also have an old postcard of Heckington and a photograph of harvesting at Star Fen Farm, Heckington (where Frederic lived with his family until the 1890s).

Click here to see a photograph of Frederic and Betsy's grave in Bowling Park cemetery, Bradford.

Amy Grace Lindsey in 1912

Amy Grace Lindsey photographed in February 1912

Amy Grace Lindsey in 1972

...and in 1972, this time at Land's End, Cornwall.

Nellie Lindsey in 1912

Nellie Lindsey photographed in February 1918

Hanson secondary school, Form IV, in 1909

This is the earliest photo we have of John Eric Lindsey. He is on the right hand end of the front row. This is Form IV of Hanson secondary school, photographed in 1909.

The full list of boys in the photograph is:
Back row: Stan Hall, Arthur Hewitt, Dunkley Taylor, H.B.Greenwood, Charlie Busfield, Tom Lingard
Front Row: Charlie Craven, Holland, Walter C.Allison, John Dobson, John Eric Lindsey

John Eric Lindsey in 1913

John Eric Lindsey working as the booking clerk at Gildersome Station. He reckoned to know all the times for all the trains. The photo is marked "9/11/13"

John Eric Lindsey and Mabel Ormondroyd wedding

The wedding of John Eric Lindsey and Mabel Ormondroyd on 1st June 1929, at New Road Side Wesleyan Chapel, Wyke, Bradford

On the steps behind JEL and MO are Sargent Crowther and Cissie (Sarah Elizabeth) Ormondroyd. Behind them is Harold Ormondroyd, but we don't know who his partner is.

We also have a photograph of John Eric and Mabel in the garden of the bungalow in Grange-over-Sands, where they moved after retiring.

John Eric Lindsey in his freemason's regalia

John Eric Lindsey wearing his freemason's regalia as Worshipful Master, Lodge of Faith, Bradford.

Mabel, Harold, Vincent and Cissie Ormondroyd

Mabel, Harold, Vincent and Cissie (Sarah Elizabeth) Ormondroyd.

Mabel Ormondroyd

Mabel Ormondroyd.

Wedding of Sargent Crowther and Cissie Ormondroyd

The wedding of Sargent Crowther and Cissie Ormondroyd.

Sargent Crowther and Cissie Ormondroyd wedding party

... and their wedding party.

Back row: Vincent Ormondroyd, ?, Sargent Crowther, Cissie (Sarah Elizabeth) Ormondroyd, Harold Ormondroyd, ?.
Front row: ?, Sister of Sargent.

Sargent and Cissie Crowther

Sargent and Cissie Crowther in the garden of 64 Park Road, Low Moor, Bradford.

Ormondroyd family

The Ormondroyd family, probably in the 1960s

Back row: Cissie (Sarah Elizabeth), Hanson
Front row: Mary Alice, Annie (widow of John Ormondroyd).

Hanson Ormondroyd and Mabel Lindsey

Hanson Ormondroyd and Mabel Lindsey, on 20th June 1965, in the garden of Wood View, Wyke, Bradford.

Who is it?

The mystery lady in black
Who is it?
The photograph is embossed "W.Horner, Morcambe" and printed as a post card on the back.

She looks to have a narrower face than Cissie. If you think you know, please contact us.