John Wallwork Preserves

Apple, Peach and Apricot Chutney < Apple, Peach and Apricot Chutney, that has just been put into jars after a day of hard work.

Brief description

I first started making my preserves after helping my Mum with some of hers. I then found that each batch made more than enough for the family and so started to sell what I made to raise money for Folly Wildlife Rescue. I started selling my preserves in 2006 and I now have several regular customers. Also, my hairdresser often sells preserves for me.

I make jellies, jams, chutneys, and pickles. Whenever I can, I will use locally grown fruit and vegetables and pick them myself to ensure they are of top quality. These preserves are made using some of my family's favourite recipes. I make and taste every batch myself before I sell it, to make sure it is of top quality.

Most of my preserves are made once each year depending on the availability of ingredients, and others, such as pickled cucumber are made throughout the summer.

John Wallwork Preserves at the Pembury Fun Day in july 2010. John Wallwork Preserves at the Pembury Fun Day in july 2010. >

For information on prices and availability, please visit the whats in stock? page. Items can be delivered to areas in and around Pembury, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK, or collected. If you would like to make a purchase please email me telling me what you would like.

To suggest a new preserve contact me as I am always looking to expand my range.

I don't use nuts in any of my recipes but I cannot guarantee that they are 100% nut free.

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