Collier Genealogy

The Collier family has been traced back to the Hattersley and Marple areas of Cheshire, where they were farmers. The earliest ancestor to whom we have clear links is Robert Collier who was born somewhere around 1600 (estimate based on the date of birth of his grandson). He probably lived in Marple, Cheshire.

The second link on this page is to a set of pages which includes both Colliers and other surnames. It includes all non-living people in this database, so has more details of families of spouses etc, but has less detail about individuals than is shown for Robert Collier's descendants.

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The Collier photographs page includes a range of ancient Colliers - this page is not properly finished yet, but has at least got descriptions an photograph links which may be of interest.

Most of the original research into the Collier family was done by S.C. Wallwork and by T.P.C. Mulholland.

Some details of possible early Collier ancestors is included in the Early Ancestors file

Details of "Collier" records from Hattersley, Cheshire between 1600 and 1827 and their use in determining possible relationships are shown in Stephen C. Wallwork's Collier Properties document.