Collier family photographs

These are a few old photographs of the Collier family

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James_Harrison+family_abt1857.jpg copy of photo from T.P.C. Mulholland.
James Harrison (1827-1879), Jane (née Collier)(1821-1888) children Mary, Joseph, Sarah

Fred_Thurgarland.jpg Fred Thurgarland copy of photo from T.P.C. Mulholland.

Joseph_Collier_1868.jpg and Joseph_Collier_1868b.jpg Joseph Collier (1818-1869) in 1868 from original in the Mulholland family album which bears on reverse the date 1868 and "J. Collier 1818-69" (E.Brook, photographer, North beach, Talbot Road, Blackpool)

Agnes_Bell_Collier_1881.jpg Agnes Bell Collier vice principal of Newnham college, Cambridge, for 20 years from original in the Mulholland family album which bears on reverse: M Shaw 1881 Agnes Collier G Higginson, Artist & Photographer, The Polygon Studio, Bowden, Cheshire

Mary_Collier.jpg Mary Collier (Mrs Ratcliffe)(1812-1889) (m. James Ratcliffe of Stockport) copy of photo from T.P.C. Mulholland.

Frances_Collier.jpg Frances Collier (1820-1904) copy of photo from T.P.C. Mulholland.

Edward_Collier.jpg copy of photo from T.P.C. Mulholland. Edward Collier (1823-1891)

Clara_Leigh.jpg copy of photo from T.P.C. Mulholland. Clara Shanks (née Leigh) b. abt 1865 Photo abt 1900

file0090.jpg copy of photo from T.P.C. Mulholland, from negative found at Gee Cross in 1940 Possibly Joseph Collier of Spring Bank, Woodley (d.1855) and Mary Collier (née Armitage)(d.1861or2)

Mary+Fred_Thurgarland.jpg Fred Thurgarland and Mary (née Harrison) copy of photo from T.P.C. Mulholland.

Clara+Margaret_Collier+friends_abt_1895.jpg rear: Marie Whitworth middle row: Clara Collier (1862-1940), Gertie W., Annie Wood (née Hibbert)(1870-1935) front: Helena Bennison (née Hibbert)(1866-1939), Margaret Collier (1865-1938) photo probably abt 1895

Mary_Wallwork+Margaret_Collier.jpg Mary Wallwork (née Collier)(1860-1945) and Margaret Collier (1865-1938) at Margate, September 1931

file0095.jpg back: Annie Wallwork (née Catlow)(1885-1971), Edward Wallwork(1885-1962) front: Clara Collier(1862-1940), Margaret Collier(1865-1938), Mary Wallwork(née Collier)(1860-1945) photographed about 1940??

file0096.jpg copy of photo from T.P.C. Mulholland.
from left: Frances Brownson (1858-1933), Agnes Bell Collier(1860-1930), Katherine Hilda Brwnson (1890-1960), Thomas Brownson(1852-1934) Photographed at Girton College, Cambridge, 1909 (dated on back by KHB)

file0097.jpg Stereo pair.
back row: ??, Stephen Brownson?, Frank Wallwork, ??, ?? front row: ?Shanks?, ??, ?Shanks?, Marian Wallwork, Katherine Brownson, ?Shanks?

Benjamin_Wallwork.jpg Benjamin Wallwork (1858-1922)

file0100.jpg Painting of "Aunt Polly" (later Mrs Gimson), a great Aunt? of Frank Wallwork. The painting belonged to FW and hung in his house "Lynwod"

file0101.jpg Margaret Collier (1865-1938) and Stephen Collier Wallwork photo abt 1929

William_Collier.jpg William Collier (1857-1930) photo abt 1930

file0103.jpg Katherine Hilda Mulholland (née Brownson) (1890-June1960) photographed in University Park, Nottingham, about 1 week before she died

**The following photographs were all found together in Edith Wallwork's house after her death - probably Frank Wallwork's Collier grandparents and near relatives, mostly still to be identified:

file0105.jpg reverse: file0128.jpg W.Emmett, Photographer, 10 Melbourne Street, Stalybridge

Joseph_Collier_born1853.jpg Joseph Collier (1853-1887) reverse: Joseph_Collier_born1853_reverse.jpg From Robinson's Photographic Studio, F Wright Proprietor, 216 Stamford Street, Ashton under Lyne

file0107.jpg reverse: file0130.jpg Le Chevalier, Lafosse, 32 Victoria St., and Knolls House, Higher Broughton, Manchester

file0108.jpg reverse: file0125.jpg H Emmett Photographer, 132 Katherine St., Ashton under Lyne

file0109.jpg on front, in pencil: Mrs Collier reverse: file0126.jpg Mrs Robinson, Photographer, 215 Stamford St., Ashton under Lyne

file0110.jpg reverse: file0127.jpg W Emmett, Portrait, Landscape and Machine Photographer, Victoria Gallery, Church Street, Melbourne Street, Stalybridge

file0111.jpg reverse: file0132.jpg From the Photographic Studio of T Wright (late Robinson), 216 Stamford Street, Ashton under Lyne

file0112.jpg reverse: file0131.jpg Photographic Artist, M Robinson, 216 Stamford Street, Ashton under Lyne

Edward_Collier_2.jpg Edward Collier (1823-1891) reverse: Edward_Collier_2_reverse.jpg Photographic Artist, Mrs Moss, 9, Chester Square, Ashton u Lyne, Staffordshire