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1. John Wallwork was born about 1705.1 He lived in Priesthill on 7 Nov 1762. He was a carpenter. Described as "junior" 1731-38, "the older" 1748-62. Locations mentioned in parish register: "of Oldham" 1730-33; Maygate Lane 1736-1748/9; Whitehead Lane end 1749; Priesthill 1751-62. There is no record of his birth or burial in Oldham records. His son became resident at Priesthill in 1764, so maybe this followed John's death? Designation "the younger" may imply that his father was also called John? (Or maybe just because another John W. (of Hagg Yate) also lived in the area?) (The Hagg Yate J.W. had chlidren between 1736 and 1751). He was not married to Susan Newton, baptism records state that he is "the reputed father"

John Wallwork and Elizabeth Whitehead were married on 19 Jan 1729/30.2 Elizabeth Whitehead was born about 1709 in Oldham.3 She was buried on 10 Jan 1747/48.4 She died in 1747/48. of Oldham Administration bond (ie no will left)"To John, of the goods of Elizabeth". Co-bondsmen James Newton of Oldham, weaver and James Brearley of Rochdale, innholder. Value of the personality (her estate) under £10 John Wallwork and Elizabeth Whitehead had the following children:



John Wallwork.



Thomas Wallwork was baptized on 27 Jan 1733/34 in Oldham.5 He was born about 1733. He died in Aug 1757. He was buried on 24 Aug 1757 in Oldham.6 buried 24 Aug 1757



Hannah Wallwork was born about 1738. She was baptized on 26 Dec 1738 in Oldham.7 ? m. Robert Taylor Apr 1785??



Betty Wallwork was baptized on 22 Feb 1739/40.8 She was born about 1740.



William Wallwork was baptized on 4 Mar 1743/44 in Oldham.9 He was born about 1744. He died in Dec 1754. He was buried on 3 Jan 1755/56 in Oldham.10 bur 3 Jan 1755

John Wallwork and Ruth Lees were married on 26 Jan 1747/48 in St Mary's Oldham.11 Ruth Lees (daughter of George Lees and Hannah Whittaker) died in 1756. She was buried on 6 Nov 1756.12 This marriage record is the origin of some of the uncertainty. It was JW the older of Maygate Lane who mmarried Ruth Lees in 1748/9 and the JW taken to be his son who is shown as "of Priesthill" on his marriage to Sarah Needham. Yet here is Ruth as wife of JW of Priesthill. Has he moved in with his son, or to a nearby house, or is Maygate Lane in the area of Priesthill? John Wallwork and Ruth Lees had the following children:



James Wallwork was born about 1749. He was baptized on 1 Dec 1749 in Oldham.13 He died in Dec 1752. He was buried on 31 Dec 1752 in Oldham.14 bur 31 Dec 1752



Anne Wallwork was born about 1751. She was baptized on 10 Nov 1751 in Oldham.15



James Wallwork.

John Wallwork and Susan Newton had the following children:



Mary Wallwork was born about 1758. She was baptized on 13 Aug 1758 in Oldham.16



Anne Wallwork was born about 1762. She was baptized on 7 Nov 1762 in Oldham.17